2019 New Year Update

Cat and Toby Fairy Sleep  My creative muse takes me on another journey….

The year 2018 feels a blank now but I did stretch my wings, on a creative ride for six months.   I attended a day conference in October, sharing both writing and a portfolio of some artwork.  Professional feedback is important.

My NaNo novel needs another rewrite and may contain more than one story line which confuses the reader.  Success in finishing a manuscript is only the beginning.  Then comes the lengthy revision process to mold all those words into a compelling story.  I have temporarily shelved this novel and in 2019, continue with another story and some short memoir vignettes.

My art received high praise.  However, I am more artist than illustrator.  Think of it this way, a children’s picture book is usually 32 pages with art work that holds together consistently from beginning to end.  Most of my images could easily stand alone as individual paintings. In 2019, I have started a larger painting based on some of my ideas from last year.  I am pulled to paint like rain to plant growth.

You may remember, I applied for an art residency last June. What happened?  I received notification in December that I was not accepted.  The odds were 70 out of 1000, so I was one of many.   The application process was lengthy and I benefited from organizing my thoughts.  I have no regrets.

Last year has become 2019.  I hope it is a prosperous and adventurous year for all.

Best wishes, LR


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Sculpture Inspired by My Art

sculpture 1Following my creative muse, I’ve taken some ceramic classes over the past several years.  Working in clay reminds me of play and I have had fun making small figurines.   The one above was directly inspired by my painting Daughters of the Earth, 2017.

The glaze I used is WC Turquoise, which is a gorgeous color.  The reddish brown is actually the clay reacting with the glaze.  Working in clay has opened up a whole new avenue of creative exploration.  I  prefer hand-building and do not personally work on the wheel.

I highly recommend taking a ceramic class.  Beginning Hand-building is the place to start.   Emeritus classes have free registration and a minimal materials fee.  Classes are also available through the Junior College, Community Center, weekend workshops, and specific Ceramic Studios.  Some classes are available from an artist’s home studio.

Here’s another example of my Art/Sculpture connection:

Sculpture 2

This painting (photo of my most recent version) is titled Wings of Wonder, 2018.  For the sculpture glaze I used a Red Iron Oxide with selected area of Celadon color glaze.

Create – make – do…
Best wishes.  LR


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Remember National Novel Writing Month

Narrative Art Linda Ruddy Some of my blog readers might remember when, back in October of 2012, I created an unofficial challenge for myself to write a novel in a month.  My goal was 25,000 words for middle grade fiction.  Here’s the first link in a series of month-long posts from 2012: My version of Na No Wri Mo

Well, as a novel update:  I just finished the fourth edit yesterday!  Ya-Hooooo!!!!! I would say that finally the story holds together with an arc, and a intro-middle-conclusion.  There are various threads, or sub-plots.    There are hints of another book to follow (which I have lots of notes and plot ideas).  I’ve sprinkled in some magical realism. There’s adventure and suspense.  There is a story within a story.

And, I am attending a conference on Saturday, to which, I have submitted ten pages for critique.  I’ve submitted art for critique. First Page. Contest.  There will be agents, editors, art director and other authors as guest speakers.

Committing to the conference, put me into high gear to finish and I have been writing these past three months or longer, for at least four hours a day, six days a week.  It is true, you need to stay connected to your story.  Live with your characters.  See your setting.  Hear their voices.  And, it is true, the more your write the easier it gets.

I’ve begun Edit 5.  This involves reading the complete manuscript as a whole, adding  what is missing, subtracting what is out of place.  I may need to clarify the conflict earlier in the novel.   I’ll consider word choice, look for grammar mistakes. (I never know how to properly use italics.)  Anyway, there is still work to do.

Stay tuned.  Happy writing.  LR


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Narrative Art as Illustration


Narrative Art Linda Ruddy Thought I would share the new direction of my art.  These are illustrations for a picture storybook that I am working on.  They are not traditional for a children’s book, so for now I am calling them Narrative Art.

You may remember that I applied for an art residency, set up a portfolio website and I have been exploring new creative directions.  I will know about the residency by December 10th.   The website is both easy and frustrating.  Often when I type in the web address I am taken to this Wings Of Wonder Blog site instead of my website.  It has something to do with Google Analytics and getting browsers to recognize my existence on the web.  Add it to my list of works-in-progress.

Best wishes, LR

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New Adventures: Science Center, King Tut, Selfie Museum and more

New Adventures:  Signed up in a photography course this summer and the class attended some great field trips.  Finally, I am beginning to understand all the functions of my small digital camera!  And, I met enthusiastic students, and we traveled to all of these places:

CA Science Center – Los Angeles for Imax movie/exhibit of King Tut: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh.  This was a train and bus day trip.

Selfie Pop-Up Museum in Glendale, CA – interactive and great fun!  This is a traveling museum and it may pop-up in a location near you!

Getty Museum, Los Angeles: Icons of Fashion: A Century of Fashion Photography; and
Decorative Arts: Art of Handmade Books

Ooops! the photo of Harry Potter’s World at Universal Studios was a family outing.  Love the excitement of children!!!

King Tut Exhibit and I-Max Film at the LA Science Museum

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Two New Grandchildren

Peonies 2Hydranga Variety
Flowers for my two daughter-in-laws, Leila and Victoria! And two new beautiful, healthy grandchildren, Rya and Ezekiel.  I’m up to six now!

I held Rya yesterday and my heart was pitter-patter hearing her little coos and sighs as she settled into sleep. So precious, so sweet!  She has a head of soft hair.  Before falling asleep, as I held her close, Rya opened her eyes to see who I was, alert and thoughtful.
Yes, a bonding moment for us.  The parents are adjusting to their first with team effort.
A child is a major life adjustment and Rya thrives.

When I traveled to Texas the beginning of May, I held my robust grandson Ezekiel.  He was almost ten pounds at birth, and about a month old during my visit.  He has two older sisters, age three and two, and I send a salute to Victoria.  She barely has time to breathe with three little ones.

May 2018, I held all of my grandchildren at some time during the month. That was an amazing feat.

Life marches forward.  Best wishes, LR

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NEW website

lr-8-x-10-_2-webAnnouncement:  new website:   www.lindaruddyart.com

As part of my journey with technology, I have designed a website with the help of “OtherPeoplesPixels”.  And there is a reason, I submitted an application for an Art Residency in 2019 and I needed a place to show my best work.

I consider this a Portfolio website versus a selling website, although I have greeting cards and will, in the near future make prints, of several of my best paintings.  But that involves more technology and I have to decide which ones to print.

Please visit my website and check it out.  I am taking a vote on favorite paintings.

Please let me know your three favorite paintings.  The name comes up when you toggle over the art.   Is the site easy to navigate?  Any comments will be appreciated.

Thanks.  LR


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2018 Year to Date

lr-8-x-10-_2-web The year has been a world wind so far. Work has been inspiring and I regret that it was only a part-time, four month project. The motivation has carried over into other projects with a determination to finish!

I’ve been busy designing a website, making sculpture figurines, advancing my photographic skills, painting.  And I am bringing some of my novel ideas out of mothballs.  Of course, I don’t do all things at the same time but I do set creative time every day.

Also, I seem to need less sleep.  I wake up early (today was 4:30 am).  Love early mornings.  I usually read in bed with my cup of coffee for the first hour.  Story ideas are beginning to move around in my head.

I will share details soon.  Best wishes, LR

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International Women’s Day 2018

LR Experiment in Color No 1 What do you know about International Women’s Day?  It’s coming up on March 8, 2018, with celebrations around the world during the month of March.  You can check out Wikipedia and other sites for a history.

Here’s a quote from http://www.internationalwomensday.com  website:
 International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. International Women’s Day (IWD) has occurred for well over a century, with the first​ ​March 8​ ​IWD gathering supported by over a million people in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. Prior to this the​ Socialist Party of America, United Kingdom’s Suffragists and Suffragettes, and further groups campaigned for women equality. Today, IWD belongs to all groups collectively everywhere. IWD is not country, group or organisation specific.​ Make IWD your day! – everyday!”

 Here’s a quote from United Nations website:  http://www.unwoman.org 

Note: The United Nations recognized the day in 1975 and started giving a theme to the year in 1996.  The theme this year is:  Time Is Now: Rural and Urban Activists Transform Women’s Lives.

“Achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls is the unfinished business of our time, and the greatest human rights challenge in our world.” ~ UN Secretary-General’s Message.
“The goal is to transform the momentum into action, to empower women in all settings, rural and urban, and to celebrate the activists who are working relentless to claim women’s rights and realize their full potential.
The International Women’s Day, UN Women celebrates the rural and urban activists who have transformed the lives of women  around the world.  From grassroots campaigns to global movements, women’s activism over the decades has paved the way for women’s rights and a more equal future.”


A group in my community has organized an International Women’s Day celebration with the theme: Women & Arts & Humanity.   There will be a presenting of the “riveting play reading of Seven A Documentary Play by, for and about women from seven countries.”  Kim Abeles, a Los Angeles Activist and Award Winning Artist will be the guest speaker.  There will be a musical video or two, a silent auction of Art Objects, and social interaction.  I’m attending the event on March 10th.

I saw the play Seven last year and it is profoundly powerful.  It’s been traveling around the world and may be in your communities also.  Here’s the website: https://seventheplay.com .

I am continuing to broaden my perspective and learn about this world that I live in.  My motto this year is:  Be Open to Change.


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Seed Growing

waiting-for-metro-after-womens-march-los-angeles-on-1-21-17A seed was planted last year when I attended the Woman’s March on January 21, 2017. See  I Was There!

Have I changed?  I thought I would give you an update.

The biggest change is that my perspective is expanding.  Three events this year have moved me along.  First, working in an educational setting has me thinking of new things and also meeting active people.

Second, one of the women I work with invited me to meet her at a Congressional District Debate on Women’s issues at a local Junior College.  I said, “Yes.”  I don’t remember attending political events in the past, so this may be a first.

In the large theater, I heard all the candidates speak their positions on different issues. Television, newspaper, radio are not the same: There is electric energy in a live audience.

Asking myself, “What is my opinion?  Can I take a stand?  Do I know enough to defend my position?  I have a lot to learn.

Another event, an educational show,  which is increasing my perspective is playing now on Netflix.  There is a Netflix Original Documentary titled Seeing Allred about the life and career of women’s rights attorney, Gloria Allred.  Almost all the events pictured in this video have occurred in my lifetime, yet I only had a fuzzy haze of memory about them.

Gloria Allred has spent her life leading a crusade for justice, fighting to improve the condition and status of women.  She’s been involved in the following issues: Equal work/equal pay, a woman’s freedom of choice over her own body, victim’s rights, fight for payroll deductions of child support payments, sexual harassment, equality, and many other issues.

I’m still digesting all the information in this film.

One thought that repeats through my mind:  Be Open to Change.  Be Open to Change.




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