Blocks to Creativity – Loss of Momentum

I’ve written in the past about Blocks to Creativity and now I am experiencing a new one, loss of momentum.  Of course, I’ve experienced this before, however writing about it gives it clarity, seeing the ups and downs.  Anytime you come to a complete stop, it makes sense that it will take energy to get moving again.     I am not at a loss for ideas, with journals and sketchbooks and unfinished projects, I have enough creative work to keep me going a very long time.

This loss of momentum is something else.  It is physical but also more than physical.  I’ve pushed for nine months– the wedding, this blog, sketch play, the LA Times–it’s been a productive time.  I’ve managed to lose twelve pounds, and don’t forget my day job.  It’s been a daily push, exciting but also stressful.   The wedding was a deadline and a challenge.  Mix in some fear and apprehension,  the need for massive organization and lots of decision-making and put it on a person who shies away from the center of attention, and once the big day arrived and succeeded all expectations, and I survived, then the motion ended.  I became inert.

The definition of inert: adj. incapable of moving, acting, or resisting an opposing force, devoid of mental energy, making no imaginative effort, hard to get to move or act.

To get moving again may simply be a week or two of deep sleep, extra sleep, catching up on sleep.  I’ll let you know.    For more information on blocks, here’s a link to an earlier post.  Blocks to Creativity    (Thank you cb)


About Wings of Wonder

Linda Ruddy is a creative and she works in a variety of materials including pencils, paints, paper, porcelain and fabric. Her current projects involve hand-sewn bookbinding, children's book illustrating, and writing. In 2010, two of her paintings were published in the Saddleback College literary magazine, The Wall. In the past, she has received recognition for painting and doll making. Linda lives in California with her husband and family pet. Her new blog can be found Please visit often to see how the site develops. Following the muse, Linda Ruddy
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3 Responses to Blocks to Creativity – Loss of Momentum

  1. Yay! Your link is beautiful! 🙂

    I know how you feel when it comes to losing momentum. Same thing happened to me this week. I have a huge list of ideas for various writing projects, but over the last couple of days it’s been a struggle to get moving. I’m mentally tired and I don’t want to be. Sometimes its okay to rest, so I sat with a good book today and just let myself breathe. I feel better now and I literally cannot wait to write tomorrow. 🙂

  2. robin says:

    It is so good to hear both of your experiences with loss of momentum and how you respond to it. Sometimes when I feel that sense of inertia, I fear that I won’t come alive with creativity again, but I always do. I am learning to trust that the resting times are a part of the process, too.
    Sleep well, Linda!

  3. Marilyn says:

    Cheetahs can run seventy miles an hour, but they don’t do it all the time. They spend a lot of time lolling about and resting. It’s the same with creative people, we zoom along at fantasic speeds then need some down time. Play, relax, and ponder.

    Hugs, MSW

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