22 – Gratitude List

On another blog, a challenge was presented to list twenty-two things I am grateful for.   Season of thanks, this should be easy.  However, it turned out to be more difficult than I thought.  Who would think that this could be a “loaded” question.  How honest did I want to be?    Here’s my list as it hit the paper:

22 Thankfuls

  1. I’m thankful that my husband is still alive.  He’s a four-time cancer survivor.
  2. I’m thankful for the one smile of recognition I got from my mom when I visited her Saturday.
  3. I’m thankful I have a job.
  4. I’m thankful for the family and friends that visited and shared Thanksgiving with us.
  5. I’m thankful for my three children, two sons and one daughter, and for watching them grow, being a part of their lives.
  6. I’m thankful for my sisters who have encouraged, defended, helped, inspired,  and loved  me over the years.  They are my best friends.
  7. I’m thankful for several close and loyal friends who are my sister-friends.
  8. I’m thankful for blogging which strengthens my voice, provides motivation, and give me encouragement.
  9. I’m thankful for art for saving me, inspiring me, teaching me to see.
  10. I’m thankful that I am a woman born in America.
  11. I’m thankful for my health.
  12. I’m thankful that I found, earned, my core of self-respect that keeps me strong even as my skin begins to wrinkle and sag.
  13. I’m thankful for music that becomes imprinted with memories.
  14. I’m thankful for birds.  Their songs and movements make me stop and listen giving me moments of joy.
  15. And for wind that rustles leaves and touches a chime giving more moments of joy.
  16. I’m thankful for my love of learning and curiosity to know, to try, to explore.
  17. I’m thankful for my desire to grow things, to smell the soil, to have joy in blooms.
  18. I’m thankful that my work FINALLY got published.
  19. I’m thankful I have a home and plenty of food and enough for all my basic needs.
  20. And thankful I can read and write and enjoy books and expand my mind.
  21. And I am thankful for my dog, Sc-runt, who is getting very loud and demanding in her old age (she’s 16).
  22. And I am thankful for my son’s dog, Drake, who loves me and still gets excited when he sees me.  How nice is that!




About Wings of Wonder

Linda Ruddy is a creative and she works in a variety of materials including pencils, paints, paper, porcelain and fabric. Her current projects involve hand-sewn bookbinding, children's book illustrating, and writing. In 2010, two of her paintings were published in the Saddleback College literary magazine, The Wall. In the past, she has received recognition for painting and doll making. Linda lives in California with her husband and family pet. Her new blog can be found at:www.wingsofwonder.worpress.com Please visit often to see how the site develops. Following the muse, Linda Ruddy
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5 Responses to 22 – Gratitude List

  1. Cindy says:

    Linda, I love this gratitude list; well written list of basic but important things that mean so much. I relate to most of them–thanks for sharing!

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