New Year: Foundation 3

Goals for 2012 are on my mind: what do I want to accomplish this year?   Organize is at the top of the list for January.   To start, I have three references that will set my course during this month.  Images are FYI. 

  1. The book, Where Women Create: Inspiring Work Spaces of Extraordinary Women by Jo Packham;
  2. The book, How to Write a Sentence and How to Read One by Stanley Fish;
  3. The magazine, Real Simple  “How to Break Your Bad Habits”, January 2012 issue.

The women in Where Women Create are helping me to organize my converted bedroom-to-studio space so that I will feel instantly inspired to paint, to make, to write.  I’ve been gathering glass jars and filling them with buttons, rocks, shells, sea glass: anything and everything that I already have here in my home.   I’ve lined my windowsill with small vintage colored glass bottles, a shiny tree with ornaments, various birds.  I have a basket of yarn and knitting projects.    There’s still more to do, but I have a vision.  Right now, I want visual and I want color.

Writing with more fluidity and expression is an ongoing goal.  I’ll be able to compare Fish’s book How to Write a Sentence to other books I’ve read on improving one’s writing.  Here’s some of my past posts on this subject:  Writing Better Sentences   ; Parallelism 1 ; Parallelism Part 2 ; Parallelism Part 3 .

I’m not trying to sell magazines, but the January issue of Real Simple is helpful and one that I will reread and study this month.   Especially interesting, is the article titled “Get Over OverThinking” with steps to take if rumination over the past interferes with your happiness today. 

Okay.  I’ve laid out part of my plan for January.  I foresee a very productive year ahead if I get organized, stop losing my glasses, focus on one project at a time…………….more to come in the days that follow.  Stay tuned!!



About Wings of Wonder

Linda Ruddy is a creative and she works in a variety of materials including pencils, paints, paper, porcelain and fabric. Her current projects involve hand-sewn bookbinding, children's book illustrating, and writing. In 2010, two of her paintings were published in the Saddleback College literary magazine, The Wall. In the past, she has received recognition for painting and doll making. Linda lives in California with her husband and family pet. Her new blog can be found Please visit often to see how the site develops. Following the muse, Linda Ruddy
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7 Responses to New Year: Foundation 3

  1. robin says:

    Perfect! I’m adding your goals to my list, too :). And I’m going to pick up those books and a copy of Real Simple, too. Happy New Year, Linda!

  2. I may have to pick up that magazine for that article. My fatal flaw is over thinking!

    Keep us updated on all you accomplish!

  3. JSD says:

    Great way to start the year! It seems that organization is a high priority for many people this year; it is for me. Thanks for the tips.

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