Fruitflesh: Scent Exercises

  • Orange grove in blossom, peach tree in the sun, apple orchard heavy with fruit:  Can you smell the fruit?    Gayle Brandeis gives the following scent exercises in her book Fruitflesh.
    Describe the following:
  • the scent of sanctity in a church;
  • the scent of a favorite food;
  • the scent of your house;
  • the scent of a childhood friend’s house;
  • the scent of your closet;
  • the scent of your lover’s armpit;
  • the scent of your child’s scalp;
  • the garbage can in your kitchen;
  • the rain.

Now think of what memories are triggered by smells. 
The scent of roses always reminds me of my mother.  She would send me home with a bouquet of roses from her garden when I visited.  Pine tree and cedar smells bring back fond memories of summer vacations in the mountains.  Other scent triggers include coffee, bacon, dill pickles.   Share in the comments what scent memories you have.

Describe the Smells of Fruit

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6 Responses to Fruitflesh: Scent Exercises

  1. marilynscottwaters says:

    My grandmother’s rambling house in Mississippi had, at least to me, the most wonderful smell of mold, sewer gas, bug spray, leaky air-conditioners, homemade bread and comic books.

  2. Wenona says:

    Asphalt after a new rain.
    Incense in a Catholic church.
    Chemical smell in a dentist office.
    Great exercise!!!!

  3. catherine says:

    The smell of homemade chocolate chip cookies, also used as a sale technique to attract prospective home buyers to purchase;) The rush of yummy smells when I walk into my parents home for thanksgiving..Turkey and stuffing cooking in the oven, potatoes boiling, bread baking.

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