Na No Writ:Week 3 Results

Week One:  5906 Words
Week Two:  5438 Words

October 21, 2012:  Week Three Results
My version of Na No Wri Mo novel-writing challenge (25,000 words in 30 days).

Date                                Words                       Comment
October 15, 2012          852 Words        Memories…jumped into the distant past.
October 16, 2012          712                     Forced but new character…tie to another novel?
October 17, 2012          821                     Maybe wrote ending; full circle; theme/symbol.
October 18, 2012          497                     New ideas/drawings, interrupted, lost thoughts.
October 19, 2012          832                     Flow, new ideas, drawings, another possible ending.
October 20, 2012          838                    Snapshots of ideas/random, searching.
October 21, 2012          893                     Flow, more flushing out of characters.

Week Three Total:     5445 Words

Weeks 1,2,3 Total:    16,789 Words

I’ve had some surprises this third week of the challenges.   All my pre-planned ideas for this novel were written about during the first two weeks.  So in Week Three I’ve had to dig deeper.

Surprise One: Small stick-figured line drawings entered my writing process and entered my novel!     Another surprise:   One morning, I’m writing in a semi-unconscious sleepy daze.  I’m seeing an event in my mind that took place over forty years ago and I’m incorporating that into my novel.  The longer I write about my characters the clearer they are getting in my mind.  This shouldn’t be a surprise…so basic…but characters are becoming individuals.

I’ve mentioned in prior posts that I enjoy old books.  Also, mentioned I wasn’t going to research during this challenge.  BUT…Can’t I break my own rules?  Two books, I flipped through this week:

1)  The Boy’s Playbook of Science by John Henry Pepper; published 1912.  This book belonged to my grandfather who died before I was born.  The inscription on the first page says “Merry Christmas 1916 to Roland from Mother”.  Great reference book!  And special!

2)  1940 Boy Scouts of America Handbook for Boys.  I found this ragged copy at a vintage flea market.  The book badly needs repair but the information is classic.  Some of the merit badges at that time included:  Automobiling, Beef Production, Pioneering, and Taxidermy.
Source of practical advice on health, cooking, camping, flags, nature…etc.

In my story, my main character is a girl, but she has brothers.  And she’s a bit of a tomboy.

I’ll have to dig even deeper to get to the end of October.  I am behind on my word count so I will very, very happily include the 31st of October in my writing MONTH.

Happy writing to all of you!  LR

About Wings of Wonder

Linda Ruddy is a creative with a diverse range of interests in writing and painting. She currently is revising a middle grade novel, and author and illustrating a picture story book. She is an active member of SCBWI, Society of Children Book Writers and Illustrators. Linda has a body of paintings, which form the foundation of her artistic development. This work can be viewed on her website: Her recent illustrations are an outgrowth of the style she developed in these paintings. Another passion is sculpture. Linda often uses her figures as models for her art. Linda's blog is eclectic and journeys wherever her muse guides her attention. Her blog address is: Following the muse, Linda Ruddy
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8 Responses to Na No Writ:Week 3 Results

  1. marilynscottwaters says:

    It is fun to have your characters introduce themselves to you. Write on! M

  2. Your books sound like great references. I love the old books in my collection that I use all the time in my stories. Sounds like you are progressing very well. Keep it up! 🙂

    • I’m far from ready to share it with anyone….but I hope I can make magic happen in the rewrites!!!


      • In the event that you are ready to share snippets of this new WIP (or any other work, for that matter), I have named you in the ‘Look Challenge’. If you decide to accept it, drop by for details. 🙂

      • Not ready to share…the draft is sooooo rough. I’m just trying to get though the month and my commitment to myself and then I will put the story away for awhile. Thanks for thinking of me. I will check out what this “Look Challenge” is all about.


  3. You are doing so great!!! Keep going! 🙂

    • Thanks! Part of me can’t wait for the end of October but I needed to do this challenge and I’ll end up with something physical to work with instead of thoughts swirling in my head.


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