Sick? What do you do?

Sketch LiliesIf you are sick then these flowers are for you with a Get-Well-Soon-Wish to get well soon!

It is rare when I’m down and under with something so I started self-medicating with over-the-counter cold and cough elixirs over a week ago. I rested more, ate chicken soup, kept warm, stayed home from work.  I don’t even remember the last time I stayed home from work sick.
(I actually enjoyed that immensely.)   My cough seemed centered in my throat, so I mistakenly thought my lungs weren’t involved..

Well, my cough continued to get worse so yesterday I went in to see the doctor – “viral bronchitis”, she said.  I am now on prescription medication, both an inhaler to help with the inflammation in my lungs and take-as-needed pills for the cough.  I was surprised that cough medication comes in pill form.  Anyway, the doctor said the infection was much deeper in my lungs.   I spent over $300 yesterday but it was worth every penny.
Mantra:  Treasure your health.

One great thing from this past week…taking time off work:  my creative brain had a chance to begin to open.  I’ve started some sewing projects and have other ideas organized.  My daughter and I have talked about selling at a craft fair later this year, for the holidays.   So I’ve started production.  I’m feeling excited, so it looks like sewing and making small dolls will carry me on their creative waves this year.  We will also make some wooden Santa’s and ornaments.  And who knows?Sketch GirlsDoll Corrections 2

Wood Santas

Wood Santas

Quote for the day:

“Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think.
I’ts splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.”
~ L. M. Montgomery
Anne of Green Gables



About Wings of Wonder

Linda Ruddy is a creative with a diverse range of interests in writing and painting. She currently is revising a middle grade novel, and author and illustrating a picture story book. She is an active member of SCBWI, Society of Children Book Writers and Illustrators. Linda has a body of paintings, which form the foundation of her artistic development. This work can be viewed on her website: Her recent illustrations are an outgrowth of the style she developed in these paintings. Another passion is sculpture. Linda often uses her figures as models for her art. Linda's blog is eclectic and journeys wherever her muse guides her attention. Her blog address is: Following the muse, Linda Ruddy
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9 Responses to Sick? What do you do?

  1. marilynscottwaters says:

    I love that quote! Glad to hear that you are on the mend.

    One of things that we always say around our house is, “It’s good to have a goal” and it sounds like you have a good one. Draw on! Marilyn

  2. Glad you are feeling better. Bronchitis can really creep up on you like that… sounds like the time off did you the world of good in many ways! x

  3. roma1912 says:

    Get well soon, your work looks stunning bring on the craft fairs I say 🙂

  4. I hope you feel better soon! I’m glad to hear you are using your downtime to be creative. Being sick is awful, but at least it forces you to slow down for a moment. 🙂

  5. JSD says:

    I also hope you’re feeling better soon. And looking forward to seeing some of your creations. 🙂

  6. Thanks. I appreciate your comment and well-wishes.

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