Valentines of Love

To CE from Ellen M 1887Happy Valentine’s Day:
I thought I would share some antique valentines on this day of love and remembrance.  I am curious, who in the world celebrates Valentine’s Day?  Is this a custom in your state, country, part of the world?  I meant to do some research but didn’t.  Merchants love this day, but I think husbands and boyfriends feel stress. Women want to share and receive. Kids feel the excitement of cards and candy put into their decorated Valentine boxes.  Custom, tradition, symbol, Victorian, share yours!  My husband will get extra hugs today.

From my great-grandparents collection (who I never met):
This first card (above), dated 1887, was from my great-grandmother Ellen, to my great-grandfather before they were married.

Here’s another one dated 1887.  This one is three-dimensional, three layers, very intricate and detailed. The sentiment inside says “Thou art the star that guides me along life’s troubled sea, and whatever fate betides  me, this heart still turns to thee.”

3D 1887This next one (below), inscribed on the back says “To Roland from Nelly”.  I believe my grandfather, Roland, was born in 1901 for this card came after that.

To Roland From NellyThe last card below, has no date or inscription.  I like the image.

To My Darling
The sentiment inside says:
“To My Darling:
Darling! that’s the word I love; All new-fashioned words above;
Of love that’s fervent it doth tell, Let such love between us dwell.”

One of my favorite memories, as a child, maybe age 8:  My class at school was going to exchange valentines.   My mom bought me a booklet of cards, maybe 8 1/2 x 11, and each card had to be punched out and assembled.   The details, maybe a bouquet of flowers or message or heart or box of candy, had to be inserted in a slot.  I can see those cards in my mind and still get great joy feelings.  The memory is so strong, it must have been the artist in me, the make and do aspect of assembling the cards before giving them away.


About Wings of Wonder

Linda Ruddy is a creative and she works in a variety of materials including pencils, paints, paper, porcelain and fabric. Her current projects involve hand-sewn bookbinding, children's book illustrating, and writing. In 2010, two of her paintings were published in the Saddleback College literary magazine, The Wall. In the past, she has received recognition for painting and doll making. Linda lives in California with her husband and family pet. Her new blog can be found Please visit often to see how the site develops. Following the muse, Linda Ruddy
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9 Responses to Valentines of Love

  1. catherine says:

    Love these old cards and the history behind them 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  2. These are so lovely! 🙂

  3. robin says:

    The sentiments are so tender and true. What gems, Linda. Thank you!

  4. JSD says:

    The old cards are’re lucky to have them as part of your family history. 🙂

  5. Thanks. Now I just don’t know what to do with them…back in a box?

  6. Sartenada says:

    These are art which please the human eye. Lovely.

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