Do You ETSY?

Sketch girl in straw hatEtsy is an on-line, e-commerce site made up of many, many individual shops of handmade, or almost handmade, products.   Some shops sell craft supplies or vintage items. It seems like a perfect match for me.  Etsy’s been around since 2005 and has sellers and customers from around the world.

I’ve been following a few shop owners to see what they are selling and how they run their site.  Having something to sell is only part of the equation.  There’s the layout design of you shop, and how you’re going to ship, and marketing so people come to your little shop.  And then there is the huge decision of what to sell.  I’ve experimented, followed whims to here and there, created a wide assortment of art and dolls and crafts.  Maybe too wide.

In the world of Etsy, I think it is better to have a theme, or a recognizable “look”.  Questions:  Should items have a functional purpose?  Be practical?  What do people like?  Want?  Need?  Can I make enough to stock a shop?  How much time till this take?  Will this be fun?  How much work?   Have I made anything worth selling?  Or do I want to create something new?  My head is swimming with questions.

As a secondary source of income, I want this to be fun.  I want whimsical.  My mind is escaping as I create a world.  And from that world I am envisioning products.  And while I am jotting down notes and drawing little pictures I am also exploring what Etsy is all about.

Do you have an Etsy shop or are you thinking of one? Do you have advice to share?  We can learn together.  The home page of has lots of ways to find shops.  There are Search Bar, Browse, Categories, Shop Local, and other ways.  Many blogs have links to their Etsy shops.  There are YouTube videos on How To set up an Etsy Business and Wikipedia has a long article.  And there are blogs that talk about Etsy Shops.  And there are the shops themselves and making a purchase to see how it all works.

Please leave a comment and share your stories.  Let’s learn together.Sketch Book designs 2


About Wings of Wonder

Linda Ruddy is a creative with a diverse range of interests in writing and painting. She currently is revising a middle grade novel, and author and illustrating a picture story book. She is an active member of SCBWI, Society of Children Book Writers and Illustrators. Linda has a body of paintings, which form the foundation of her artistic development. This work can be viewed on her website: Her recent illustrations are an outgrowth of the style she developed in these paintings. Another passion is sculpture. Linda often uses her figures as models for her art. Linda's blog is eclectic and journeys wherever her muse guides her attention. Her blog address is: Following the muse, Linda Ruddy
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7 Responses to Do You ETSY?

  1. Lynne and Dennis Parker says:

    Hi Linda, my niece, Brooke, sells jewelry on ETSY… check out LOVE DAINTY! Aloha, Lynne

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Lynne says:

    Hi Linda,
    For your followers that are interested, my niece Brooke sells personalized jewelry on ETSY. Check out her site LOVE DAINTY.
    I can put you in touch with her if you’d like. She’s a busy girl, working on her PhD and making jewelry…
    Aloha, Lynne

  3. I’ve been to Etsy more as a shopper and have always found it to be a wonderful place to find interesting gifts (for others and for myself!). In an age of mass produced items, its nice to find something that someone made with their own hands. 🙂

    As a crafter, the thought has fleetingly crossed my mind to set up an Etsy shop, but then I remember how many projects I have going both professionally and for fun. Yikes! I don’t need another “thing” to do!

    • I can’t believe I am only just beginning to explore Etsy.  I haven’t made a purchase yet, but am having fun looking.  I could see your hand-knitted socks there someday.  I feel like I am preparing for the future, learning now, but not ready to make the leap for awhile.  I enjoy seeing what others are making. 

  4. marilynscottwaters says:

    I’ve sold some prints on Etsy and I’ve bought a few trinkets over the years. I get the idea that it’s not a place to make a living wage, rather a place to make a few extra bucks here and there. The shops that make the most $ are the material suppliers, selling beads and craft stuff, etc.

    • I think you are right for most shops on Etsy.  But I’ve been watching a few and they are consistently making sales.  They seem to have found a niche and a following.  I’m having fun exploring.

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