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Linda Ruddy is a creative with a diverse range of interests in writing and painting. She currently is revising a middle grade novel, and author and illustrating a picture story book. She is an active member of SCBWI, Society of Children Book Writers and Illustrators. Linda has a body of paintings, which form the foundation of her artistic development. This work can be viewed on her website: Her recent illustrations are an outgrowth of the style she developed in these paintings. Another passion is sculpture. Linda often uses her figures as models for her art. Linda's blog is eclectic and journeys wherever her muse guides her attention. Her blog address is: Following the muse, Linda Ruddy

Remember National Novel Writing Month

 Some of my blog readers might remember when, back in October of 2012, I created an unofficial challenge for myself to write a novel in a month.  My goal was 25,000 words for middle grade fiction.  Here’s the first link … Continue reading

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Narrative Art as Illustration

   Thought I would share the new direction of my art.  These are illustrations for a picture storybook that I am working on.  They are not traditional for a children’s book, so for now I am calling them Narrative Art. … Continue reading

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New Adventures: Science Center, King Tut, Selfie Museum and more

New Adventures:  Signed up in a photography course this summer and the class attended some great field trips.  Finally, I am beginning to understand all the functions of my small digital camera!  And, I met enthusiastic students, and we traveled … Continue reading

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Two New Grandchildren

Flowers for my two daughter-in-laws, Leila and Victoria! And two new beautiful, healthy grandchildren, Rya and Ezekiel.  I’m up to six now! I held Rya yesterday and my heart was pitter-patter hearing her little coos and sighs as she settled … Continue reading

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NEW website

Announcement:  new website: As part of my journey with technology, I have designed a website with the help of “OtherPeoplesPixels”.  And there is a reason, I submitted an application for an Art Residency in 2019 and I needed a … Continue reading

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2018 Year to Date

 The year has been a world wind so far. Work has been inspiring and I regret that it was only a part-time, four month project. The motivation has carried over into other projects with a determination to finish! I’ve been … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day 2018

 What do you know about International Women’s Day?  It’s coming up on March 8, 2018, with celebrations around the world during the month of March.  You can check out Wikipedia and other sites for a history. Here’s a quote from … Continue reading

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Seed Growing

A seed was planted last year when I attended the Woman’s March on January 21, 2017. See  I Was There! Have I changed?  I thought I would give you an update. The biggest change is that my perspective is expanding.  Three … Continue reading

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2018 Life Update

  I am going through a metamorphosis, of sorts.  My attitude is positive.  I am excited about a new challenge; a new job.  But, I’ve been spoiled for the last several years:  not having to set my alarm.  What a … Continue reading

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Life Changes

 I was on one path setting goals to move me along and then I got a phone call… “am I interested in a short term, part time job with the School District.”  I jumped at the opportunity.  Just like that, … Continue reading

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