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Sculpture Inspired by My Art

Following my creative muse, I’ve taken some ceramic classes over the past several years.  Working in clay reminds me of play and I have had fun making small figurines.   The one above was directly inspired by my painting Daughters of the … Continue reading

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NEW website

Announcement:  new website: As part of my journey with technology, I have designed a website with the help of “OtherPeoplesPixels”.  And there is a reason, I submitted an application for an Art Residency in 2019 and I needed a … Continue reading


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2017 – a Creative Year

Hello!  It’s been so long since my last blog.  I hope all are well.  This year is memorable for me:  Lots of finished paintings, some writing, some adventures, new people, new activities.  I am grateful.  I feel alive again! New … Continue reading

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Painting: Sacred Center

This year, 2017, I have been active with my women’s series of paintings.   The above painting is titled Sacred Center.  (Acrylic, Mosaic-like) Currently I have two paintings hanging in the San Clemente Art Gallery.   My life is opening up … Continue reading

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Painting: Daughters of the Earth

My most recent painting: Title:         Daughters of the Earth Artist:       Linda Ruddy Year:         2017 Medium:  Acrylic Size:          Framed – 20″ x 24″ Several artists, this … Continue reading

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2016 Year of Changes

 2016: What a roller coaster ride!! This has been a year of changes:  New home, new work experiences, new social, two more grandchildren (I now have four).  A year of lots of “firsts” and making solo decisions.  It’s been a … Continue reading

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Images that Inspire

I think by now, that anyone following my blog knows I am pulled to images like a magnet.   I get some kind of energy, some kind of inspiration, some kind of emotional food and water nourishment.  And behind the … Continue reading

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On the Cusp of Change

Maybe as humans we’re always changing, but sometimes it stands out and you know you’re on that roller coaster and not sure when or how you will get off.  Last year while I was pre-occupied by all the medical after … Continue reading

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Creative Leap Year-ss – Painting Journey

(FYI:  Began this Post in December 2013 and now it’s January 2014)  (FYI:  I tend to reflect backwards in the month of December – looking back over the year and looking back over my life’s journey) (FYI: I enjoy writing … Continue reading

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“Elan Vital” from 1992

Speaking the obvious “Not all art is the same”.  Sometimes I think that my best paintings were created years ago.  Part of my heart and soul went into their making and they speak of humanness, some deep emotion coming from … Continue reading

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