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Lantern Magic – “Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose”

Are you familiar with this painting by John Singer Sargent titled Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose (oil on canvas, 1885-86)?Autumn, twilight, setting sun, fragrant flowers, multi-colored white dresses, children lighting lanterns…my mind escapes into this image and I can almost smell … Continue reading


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Creative Leap Year-ss – Painting Journey

(FYI:  Began this Post in December 2013 and now it’s January 2014)  (FYI:  I tend to reflect backwards in the month of December – looking back over the year and looking back over my life’s journey) (FYI: I enjoy writing … Continue reading

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Experiments in Type and Design

Here’s another pattern design I’ve been working on, another experiment. I purposely did not erase the pencil lines because I  wanted to point out how not erasing  affects the quality of the design…looks a bit sloppy.  I don’t like the … Continue reading

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Art Lesson: Elements of Art

What makes for a good image, pleasing to the eye, appreciated by the viewer?  Some of the tools of the trade that an artist uses include: Line Shape Color Texture Values/tones Space Depth Form Now for a deeper discussion of … Continue reading

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Art Lesson: Reflections on Water

Breaking the rules is one of the joys of art and it opens the door for the artist to explore and innovate.  That said, there are times when knowing the rules helps with problem solving. Here’s a study I painted … Continue reading

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Art Lesson: Shades of Gray

Think ratios:  80:10:10   =    80% gray:10% light: 10% dark Think of a painting in terms of contrast:  light and dark and all the shades of gray in-between. This is one of many formulas for making successful art.  The … Continue reading

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Art Lesson: Fore-Middle-Back

When painting a landscape you want to think of the space divided into foreground, middle ground, and background. In my example above, the background is airy and atmospheric with blues and purples to gain the sense of distance.  Blues and … Continue reading

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