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Block to Creativity: Flatline

What comes to mind when you say the word ‘Flatline’?  I think of death first, but for the living it can be a state of comatose, not feeling much emotion, no highs and no lows, just a middle range of … Continue reading

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Be Creative

I want to stay in touch while I figure out what’s going on with WordPress. Here’s a dose of Inspiration: Be Creative wonder, be curious; be enthusiastic, spontaneous and flexible; be willing to approach new experiences with an open mind … Continue reading


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Blocks to Creativity – Loss of Momentum

I’ve written in the past about Blocks to Creativity and now I am experiencing a new one, loss of momentum.  Of course, I’ve experienced this before, however writing about it gives it clarity, seeing the ups and downs.  Anytime you … Continue reading

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Blocks to Creativity

 June, designated creativity month by me, is into the last week and I want to share this list of blocks.  I frame creativity as applied to my artistic productivity, but it really can apply to any area of one’s life.  14 BLOCKS TO CREATIVITY … Continue reading

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