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Landing On My Feet

Life isn’t the same any more and I’m regrouping as I experience emotions, face uncertainty, and prepare for changes.  But I have the belief that in time I will land on my feet, thanks to sisters, sons, daughter, family, friends … Continue reading

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New Life

I have a nursery of Monarch butterflies in my backyard, all because of the milkweed plant that I planted in 2012.  The plant has grown quite large and in April/May I had 35 cocoons scattered on posts, railings, walls, chairs, … Continue reading

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On the Cusp of Change

Maybe as humans we’re always changing, but sometimes it stands out and you know you’re on that roller coaster and not sure when or how you will get off.  Last year while I was pre-occupied by all the medical after … Continue reading

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Mother Memories

I’ve thought a lot about my mother these past few weeks.  She was/is robbed from her family because of what the doctors said are “symptoms consistent with Alzheimer’s”.   It’s been about ten years since we observed major memory issues, although … Continue reading


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Commercial Inspiration

While watching the Olympics there were two commercials that caught my interest.  I scrambled to write down the words and to search the internet for more details,  not to buy or use the product advertised, but because I was inspired … Continue reading

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Creative Leap Year-ss – Painting Journey

(FYI:  Began this Post in December 2013 and now it’s January 2014)  (FYI:  I tend to reflect backwards in the month of December – looking back over the year and looking back over my life’s journey) (FYI: I enjoy writing … Continue reading

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“Elan Vital” from 1992

Speaking the obvious “Not all art is the same”.  Sometimes I think that my best paintings were created years ago.  Part of my heart and soul went into their making and they speak of humanness, some deep emotion coming from … Continue reading

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Focus on the Roses

Focus on the roses instead of the thorns…. Reminds me of the quote “if life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Embrace your day!

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Sunflowers and Other Tidbits

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted… and it’s been awhile since I’ve painted.  Remember all the little watercolor sketches and the joy energy? I thought I would write some updates to my life. Update #1:  Organizing at a feverish pitch, … Continue reading

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June 2013: Metamorphosis of a Monarch Butterfly Friday, June 14: Several ravenously hungry, black-yellow-white striped caterpillars have been devouring the Milkweed plant in my backyard for several weeks.  (wish I had a better photo) Saturday, June 15: One of  the … Continue reading

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